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Paris Jackson on Growing Up: 'I Didn’t Get Why I was Wearing a Mask'

In Oprah Winfrey’s exclusive interview with Paris Jackson, the 14-year-old talks about how hard her dad, Michael Jackson, worked at keeping her and her siblings’ childhoods normal, which included making them wear masks when they were in public.
“I was really confused,” Paris admitted to Oprah. “I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask.”
The teenager has now come to understand her father’s motives. “I understand it now why our dad would want our face covered when we went out without him. We wouldn't be recognized, and we could have a normal childhood.”
Watch the clip, in which Paris says Chuck E. Cheese was one of her favorite places to go!

Tune in to Oprah’s special one-on-one interview with Paris, Sunday on OWN!