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Jennifer Aniston Rejected on Fake Dating Show: 'Maybe the Bear Suit Wasn't Such a Good Idea'

Actress Jennifer Aniston as a contestant on the “The Bachelor”? Well, almost. The “Friends” star recently appeared in producer Ben Stiller's new web series “Burning Love" -- in a bear costume no less!

Aniston, 43, plays a mascot-clad contestant vying for the affections of a “sensitive firefighter” played by Ken Marino ("Party Down"). When she doesn’t receive his “hose” at the end of the episode she finally reveals herself in the exit interview.

“Maybe the bear suit wasn't such a good idea,” she admitted to the camera on the limo ride home, before pleading with the driver to circle back.

Aniston isn’t the only famous face Stiller recruited for the Yahoo show. Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell and Ken Jeong also star. 

Jen is much more lucky in love in real life, new pictures of the superstar out on a date with boyfriend Justin Theroux are definitely knocking down tabloid reports they had split.