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Trump on His Political Future, Obama's Birth Certificate and a New Feud

“Extra” special correspondent Christie Bear sat down with real estate mogul Donald Trump in Las Vegas and talked about his affiliation with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Trump also responded to critics on his views about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and confessed he doesn’t care for former Senator John Edwards.

Could Trump be Romney’s running mate? “A lot of people are talking about that,” smiled Donald but he hinted, “I think I have some ideas who the choice might be, but I think he'll pick somebody who'll be terrific.”

On his feelings about the President's birth certificate not being valid, Trump explained, “I made a speech in North Carolina and got a standing ovation. It was amazing, actually. I think a lot of people agree with me.”

Trump also weighed in on the recent John Edwards’ trial, in which the former presidential candidate was found not guilty of illegally using campaign funds. “I am not a fan of his at all, not even a little bit,” said Donald, “but… it was really a case that should not have been brought.”