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Catherine Zeta Jones on How Tom Cruise Rocks

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli talked with the lovely Catherine Zeta Jones about her upcoming film, “Rock of Ages,” and how much fun it was to watch Tom Cruise play a full-on rock star!

“Tom puts 125 percent into everything he does so that was a given to me,” Catherine said about Cruise’s amazing vocal performance. “But what was really great was to watch Tom Cruise having so much fun and really pushing it. Really just reveling in the fact that he was singing up there and performing the way he does and he does a terrific job.”

Zeta Jones also commented on how well her real-life husband, Michael Douglas, was doing after surviving throat cancer – and how his preparation to star in the Liberace biopic is making things interesting as home, to say the least.

Catherine laughed, “He’s preparing for ‘Liberace,’ doing great. He’s playing the piano. He's winking at me. He’s going into the safe and putting on my diamonds. Michael, please take off those hot pants. Take 'em off baby.” She jokingly added, “Yeah, I’m sick of having breakfast by candelabra.”

Check out Catherine when “Rock of Ages” jams onscreen June 15!