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Katy Perry Tackles 'Most Intense' Moments of Her Life in ‘Part of Me’

"Extra" met up with superstar Katy Perry at Fleet Week in NYC, where the singer told us about her upcoming 3D film, "Part of Me."

The "California Gurl" prepped fans for her upcoming movie, saying they will see the last year of her life -- raw. "You're going to see me without makeup so many times," she joked.

Katy added, "I really wanted to take a snapshot of the biggest, most intense moment of my life --  which is last year."  
In 2011, Perry tied the record for most no.1 singles from one album, and ended her marriage with actor Russell Brand. "Extra" has confirmed that the 27-year-old singer does address the split in the movie.

"Part of Me" hits theaters July 5th.