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Trump and Pitt Sound-Off on Will Smith's Public Slap

Days after a video of actor Will Smith slapping a Ukranian reporter went viral, real estate mogul Donald Trump and "Killing Them Softly" star Brad Pitt opened up about their opinions on the event.

Trump took to YouTube Tuesday, congratulating Will on his bravery. “Will Smith is a really great guy, and I love what he did to that wiseguy who tried to kiss him -- I think on the lips!”

He added, “I look at this wacko, Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s got no talent whatsoever, going around doing all sorts of things and really abusing people… if someone would whack Cohen, he’ll never do it again.”
Tuesday morning at Cannes Film Festival during Pitt's press conference for his latest film, the recently engaged actor was asked what he thought about Will's surprising slap. "I stay away from the entertainment gossip. I don't want to slap anyone. Why would that happen? I would never want to hurt anyone."
Last Friday, Smith was caught in the slap act after a reporter grabbed his face and tried to kiss him on the lips at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black 3.”

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