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Brad and Angelina's Wedding Photos: How Much?

Hollywood supercouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married, so the logical question is… how much will their wedding photos be worth?

The pair sold pictures of twins Vivienne and Knox to People magazine for a whopping $14 million in 2008 (which they donated to charity), but sources say in the current economic climate the price offered for the nuptials pics will be considerably less.

“The weekly magazine market has changed beyond recognition since 2008,” one publisher told Huffington Post. “Gone are the days when competing magazines would bid against each other, inflating the price of baby and wedding pictures. If Brad and Angie's twins were born today in 2012, they would be lucky if they got a third of what they got back then.”
A magazine insider said Brangelina could probably earn around $5 million for the photos. “That would be for worldwide rights, so that whoever buys them in the USA could make money selling them to publications in other countries. Although the big question will be what sort of access will the couple allow? If it's just a few shots where you can’t see the dress or them kiss, then it could be lower.”
The two have not set a wedding date, but the world eagerly awaits.