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Howard Stern Shows Matt Lauer Some Love

“America’s Got Talent” judge Howard Stern made an appearance on the “Today” show -- and was all over host Matt Lauer.
"I'm honored to be on the ‘Today’ show,” gushed Stern. “I never get to be on the ‘Today’ show. Matt and I are personal friends. We sit at my house, we drink wine and we evaluate the show. We're in competition with ‘Good Morning America.’ We have to win."
Then the morning show shock jock leaped into Lauer’s lap and began smothering him with smooches.

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The two talked about the outcry over Stern’s turn on “AGT,” namely from the Parents Television Council, which is trying to persuade sponsors not to advertise on the show.
"I'm not going on the show to disrupt the beauty of ‘America's Got Talent,’ because I love the show," assured Stern.
As for groups like the PTC, he joked: "NBC should pay them millions of dollars. The more they keep issuing the statements, it makes me seem more interesting and controversial."

Later at a press conference in NYC, "Extra's" AJ Calloway asked Stern about the affectionate encounter. "I made out with Matt Lauer’s forehead. And you know what, it was weird. I thought it would be offensive to me and it wasn’t. I liked it. In light of President Obama with gay marriage, I think I’m ready to marry Matt Lauer." Howard then joked, "I also made out with Sherri Shepherd on 'The View.' I don’t know if you saw it, and Barbara Walters was in my lap and we were getting it on."