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Kim and Kanye's Fauxmance: Kim Keepin' It Real

Reality star Kim Kardashian spoke out against critics who say her relationship with Kanye West is "just another storyline for TV," telling "Extra" that their relationship is 100 percent real.

The E! reality star said this isn’t the first time the media speculated that she was in a fake relationship. "Haven't they said this about me before? I don't really pay attention to anything people say or anything like that."

Kim was then joined by sister Kourtney, who vouched for the couple. "Everything you hear about them is true." Kim joked, "Everything!"  
When Kim was asked if she was still thinking about running for Mayor of Glendale, she said, "I don't know. If you educate yourself and figure out what's needed in the community… I'm welcome to do that. You'll just have to stay tuned on that."
Season 7 of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" premieres on E! Sunday, May 20.

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