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The Wanted Wants to Serenade Mila Kunis

British boy band The Wanted stopped by The Grove to talk with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez and Renee Bargh -- and to greet their fans and perform live!

When asked which actress the 20-somethings -- Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes -- would love to serenade, Tom and Jay immediately chimed in: “Mila Kunis!”

How would they compare the women in Britain to the ones in America? Siva said, “American girls have the most amazing smiles I've ever seen in my life.” Max added he loves a girl who “can tell jokes.”

Mario wondered about the rumor that the guys wanted to get Justin Bieber hammered when he was in London (where the legal drinking age is 18). Jay responded, “Oh, this is a plan that we hatched for when he turns 18, which has now happened, so as soon as he's in London, we're going to make sure that he has a very, very good time.” Siva added, “Plans are in motion.”

A fan asked the group to reveal one thing that would be surprising to know about them. Nathan admitted, “I've got a pet snake,” to which Tom quipped, “That lives in his pants!”

As for fan encounters, what has been the craziest? Siva said, “A fan took a lock of Jay's hair and ate it… ingested Jay's hair, so a fan walks around with Jay inside her.” Jay corrected, “You know what, I'm probably not inside her anymore... I'm out by now.”

Check out more of The Wanted on “Extra” Friday!