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Kelly Preston on Her Diet Program: 'It Curbs Your Appetite and Gives You Energy'

"Extra" caught up with actress Kelly Preston to talk about her baby boy, losing 40 pounds post-pregnancy and how she and her husband John Travolta keep the fire alive in their marriage.

When asked about raising 17-month-old baby Benjamin, Preston said, "He's amazing, sweet, happy and wonderful. He look's just like a miniature John with blonde hair!"

The 49-year-old former model then revealed how she lost 40 pounds post-Ben on her friend Kirstie Alley's "Organic Liason" program. "It curbs the appetite and gives you energy, which is what I needed because I was nursing."
Preston, who recently celebrated 20 years with the "Grease" star, said they add spice to their relationship by baking together. "We did a cupcake war for Ella's 12th birthday… a real one. I tented the backyard, we had 8 stations, and guess who won? John. He wins all the time!"