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Hilaria Thomas on Wedding with Alec Baldwin: No Drama!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Alec Baldwin’s lovely fiancée, Hilaria Thomas, at her Yoga Vida studio to get the lowdown on their wedding plans!

Calloway told Thomas that Baldwin said she could do whatever she wanted. Hilaria laughed, “Whatever I want?! Something really simple, I don’t like drama.”
The yoga instructor also said she doesn’t want any bridesmaids, adding, “With my guy, I don’t need a bachelorette party.” Calloway kiddingly asked if he could throw Alec a bachelor party. She joked, “You guys can do yoga! Yoga with carrot sticks.”
As for the proposal, Hilaria gushed her man was “very romantic… He got down on his knee, and I don't remember the rest because I started crying. See! I'm a blushing bride. Look what you're doing to me. You're turning me into one of those cheesy brides!”

Tune in to “Extra” Thursday for more of our special interview with Thomas and watch her work out with AJ!.