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'Idol' Results: A Shocking Elimination, A Great Save

What a surprising turn of events on "American Idol"!

Frontrunner Jessica Sanchez earned the lowest amount of votes on Thursday's results show, drawing gasps and boos from the stunned studio audience and disbelief from her fellow "Idol" contestants.

When Sanchez began singing in a last-ditch effort to snag the judges' save, she didn't even make it through the song before Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson stormed the stage and yanked the microphone out of the 16-year-old contender's hands and used their special "save" privilege.

"You ain't going home! Go sit down!" demanded Lopez, hugging a weepy Sanchez

Jackson confirmed, "We are saving Jessica without any doubt. For myself, Steven and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America. Please everybody ... vote for the best!"

When asked if she expected to be the lowest-voted finalist, Sanchez replied, "No, not at all. I don't expect anything. I just do what I do. Whatever happens, happens. I just want people to know I've been working hard my whole life."

Sanchez was joined in the bottom three by Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet. "Everybody did a good job last night but that shouldn't be the bottom three," said mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Tune in next week to see how Sanchez fares when the "Idol" singers return for another week of competition!