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'Avengers' Style: Scarlett Johansson Glams It Up in Vogue

Badass "The Avengers" star Scarlett Johansson turns '40s starlet, with leopards and silk, as the May cover of Vogue, talking to the magazine about her divorce, the hacking incident -- and a surprising new beau in her life.

Johansson described her divorce from actor Ryan Reynolds last year as "comically amicable," but the parting was far from painless. "It was horrible," she said. "Of course it's horrible. It was devastating. It really throws you. You think that your life is going to be one way, and then, for various reasons or whatever, it doesn't work out."

As for having her phone hacked last year, which sent nude pictures of her across the internet, the actress is still bothered by it. "It wasn't just me. It was others. I don't want to be a victim and say, 'Oh, well' and just hide my head in shame. Somebody stole something from me... It's sick. I don't want people like that to slide."

The actress has now been dating a New York-based advertising creative director named Nate Naylor. For Johansson, dating a real-life Don Draper has had a calming effect on her, but not so much for Naylor, who is adjusting to all the sudden attention. "It must be very strange for him," Scarlett smiled. "It's totally bizarre... but he's really remarkably good about it."

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