'90s Rock and Roll Flashback! McGrath and Alexakis on 'Summerland Tour'

"Extra" host Mario Lopez caught up with rock and roll frontmen Mark McGrath and Art Alexakis to talk about their upcoming "Summerland Tour." The tour will feature various '90s hit bands, including Sugar Ray, Everclear, Gin Blossoms, Marcy Playground and more.


McGrath told "Extra" that the concert will start with Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy," and end with "one of Everclear's giant hits."

For the full list of tour dates go to summerlandtour.net.

When Mario asked the Everclear frontman how he's adjusted from rock star to family man, he said, "It used to be strippers, high heels and friends backstage. Now it's moms, formulas and babies."