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Julia Roberts Wouldn't Let Kids on 'Mirror Mirror' Set

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down with actress Julia Roberts, who said she didn't want her kids -- twins Hazel and Finn, 7, and Henry, 4 -- to see her as the Evil Queen in "Mirror Mirror."

"It was the first time that they would see me at work, and if we would start rehearsing or anything, I had to send them away because I'm only saying the most vile things, you know," laughed Roberts. "[Her kids said] 'We just got here, why do we have to leave?' 'I don't know, just go. I'll see you in a minute.'"

Julia said her children are starting to understand what she does for a living. "They are getting there. The older ones are getting there."

In fact, there was a moment when they saw their mother on a billboard -- and questions were asked. Roberts explained her husband Danny Moder "took the wheel and helped us all get to where it was making a little bit more sense."

Not only is the Oscar winner protective of her children, but she also stands up for artists she admires, like Adele. Roberts smiled, "I'm such a mother hen, I can't help it."

In a warning to suitors who might mistreat the singer, Julia said, "First of all, you would get an excruciatingly brilliant album written about you, that would only launch [Adele] further into the stratosphere of greatness if you were unkind to her. Then, the rest of the world would come after you." The "Mirror Mirror" star added, "I might trip him if he walked past. That's all."

"Mirror Mirror" shines in theaters March 30.