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Exclusive! Arnold Schwarzenegger on Maria, Important Causes, and His Sports Event

"Extra's" Mario Lopez met with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio for an exclusive one-on-one.

Schwarzenegger, still recovering from arm surgery, said he still sees his ex, Maria Shriver, explaining, "We work together even though we're going through a divorce," adding, "Luckily, Maria has been a terrific mother."

The two have four kids together, and Arnold revealed he and Maria are not worried about their children's future career decisions. "Maria and I never cared about which direction they go. If someone wants to go into acting, we will support that, as long as they get an education."

Although Schwarzenegger said he won't run for office again, the actor said serving the public is still important to him. The Special Olympics, after-school programs and helping people improve the government are specific causes in which he believes.

Arnold proudly talked about his annual sports event, saying, "We have 185,000 to 200,000 people coming through here... 18,000 athletes... more than the Special Olympics have.

The actor, who is returning to the Hollywood spotlight in several new films, including "The Expendables 2," told Lopez, "It was great to have you here, because you and I, we have known each other a long time."