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Video! Zac Efron on 'Lorax' Red Carpet Condom Drop

"The Lorax" star Zac Efron made on an appearance on the "Today" on Thursday to talk about his animated movie, but host Matt Lauer wasted no time in asking the 24-year-old actor about the caught-on-tape moment when a prophylactic dropped out of Efron's pocket at the premiere.

Watch the awkward exchange!

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Carpet antics aside, Efron said he was thrilled to play the lead male role of Ted in "The Lorax" -- a 12-year-old boy who pines for an older girl, Audrey, voiced by Taylor Swift, particularly since Theodor Geisel's (aka Dr. Seuss) widow sent him a letter specifically asking him to take on the role.

Efron explained, "My dad was a huge fan of Dr. Seuss ... he's got an original copy of 'The Lorax' from like 1971 or something like that, so he read it to me growing up," said Efron. "It was a big part of my life and my education."

"The Lorax" opens in theaters March 2.