The Frantic Fight to Save Davy Jones: the 911 Call

A frantic 911 call was placed after Monkees singer Davy Jones suffered a massive heart on Wednesday in Florida.


The distressed woman who dialed the emergency number pleaded for an ambulance to "hurry," before suggesting it might be faster to put Jones in a car and drive to the nearest hospital -- which was 27 miles away.

Jones had complained of breathing trouble early in the morning, and was later taken to a hospital in the town of Stuart, where the 66-year-old was pronounced dead. A spokesperson for the Marin County Sheriff's Office said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

Jones' former bandmates released statements following Davy's death:

Micky Dolenz: "Can't believe it. Still in shock. Had bad dreams all night long. My love and prayers go out to Davy's girls and family right now."

Peter Tork: "It is with great sadness that I reflect on the sudden passing of my longtime friend and fellow adventurer, David Jones. Adios, to the Manchester Cowboy."

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