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Video! Donald Trump Slams 'The Dictator' Stunt at Oscars

Billionaire Donald Trump reacted to Sacha Baron Cohen's ash-spilling stunt with Ryan Seacrest at Sunday's Oscar red carpet. With a frown on his face, Trump delivered his rant from behind his desk and explained why he thought it wasn't funny to dump Kim Jong Il's pretend ashes on the E! correspondent.

Trump pointed out that the security guard standing near Seacrest didn't do his job and that he believes Baron Cohen, who showed up to the event as "The Dictator" from his upcoming movie, should've been punched in the face.

"I only wish that Ryan took a swing at him and I only wish that the security guard that allowed it all to happen -- number one: gets fired, and number two: go to school -- learn about being security... you don't know, man."