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Best Actress Meryl Streep Talks 3 Oscar Wins

Oscar winner Meryl Streep spoke with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli at the Governor's Ball post-Oscar party. Streep, who snagged a Best Actress award for her role in "The Iron Lady," looked at her golden statue -- her third -- and beamed, "Hello, Mr. Oscar!"

Meryl dished that she was ready to celebrate, telling Jerry, "If they would let me off the press line I will hit the bar! And they're going to have to take me out on a gurney!"

Streep, who won in 1979 for "Kramer vs. Kramer" and in 1982 for "Sophie's Choice," said Sunday's win feels "different [because] I'm not young and on this trajectory."


The gifted actress said she learned a thing or two about getting older in Hollywood and explained she will continue acting as long as "I keep getting a job. I'm an actor and you're insecure. You never know. I thought that when I was forty... that it was over."

Streep said she was "avoiding" fellow Best Actress nominee Viola Davis, joking, "Oh, she's mad at me!"

Meryl Streep's Awards

Academy Awards

Gifted actress Meryl Streep is nominated for her role in "The Iron Lady," but this Oscar-worthy star already has three under her belt and a whopping 17 nominations.Streep won in 1979 for "Kramer vs. Kramer," in 1982 for "Sophie's Choice," and in 2012 for "The Iron Lady."

BAFTA Awards

Streep took home a BAFTA Award for her 1981 film, "The French Lieutenant's Woman."The actress has a total of 14 BAFTA nominations.

Primetime Emmy Awards

In 1978, Meryl snagged an Emmy for her work in "Holocaust," and again in 2004 for "Angels in America."Meryl has been nominated three times for a Primetime Emmy.

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes love Meryl Streep!Here are the roles for which she won:1979 - "Kramer vs. Kramer" Best Supporting Actress1981 - "The French Lieutenant's Woman" Best Actress1982 - "Sophie's Choice" Best Actress2002 - "Adaptation" Best Supporting Actress2003 - "Angels in America" Best Actress (TV)2004 - "The Manchurian Candidate" Best Supporting Actress2006 - "The Devil Wears Prada" Best Actress2009 - "Julie & Julia" Best Actress2011 - "The Iron Lady" Best ActressMeryl has been nominated a total of 26 times for a Golden Globe!In her acceptance speech at the 2012 Golden Globes, Streep said, "I would like to thank everyone in England who let me come over there and trample over their history."

SAG Awards

Meryl won her first SAG Award in 2003 for "Angels in America" and in 2008 for "Doubt."She has a total of 13 SAG nominations!After winning for "Doubt," the actress took to the stage and said, "Really, really, really shocked and really happy," and joked, "even though awards mean nothing to me anymore..."