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Oscar Dos and Don'ts: The 3-Day Diet for Glowing Skin

World famous dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and Amir -- Hollywood's custom suit maker -- say you don't need to be a star to look red carpet ready.

Just in time for the Academy Awards on Sunday, Perricone reveals big secrets for how to get your skin looking fresh and glowing. The doctor explains you can look dramatically different in three days as long as you avoid alcohol and coffee.

Perricone revealed his three-day anti-inflammatory diet, which consists of blueberries and an omelet for breakfast, with salmon and salad for lunch. He also advises to steer clear of sugar and carbs.

Perricone explained, "Cakes, candy, anything that raises your blood sugar rapidly causes inflammation, makes your skin look dull and increases your risk of Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes and wrinkled skin."

After the three-day diet, look your best in the latest trends, but don't show too much skin -- according to Amir. "All of us men, we love to see a beautiful woman and we'd like to keep some for the imagination, and if she shows too much, it takes the beauty away."

For men, Amir recommends straightening your necktie and creating a classic knot. "You can really know a lot about a person's character by the way they wear the knot of the tie."

Amir says the key to having a pulled-together look is to not be too dressed up, but look elegant, classic and of course, have lots of confidence!