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Video! Jen Aniston Reacts to Justin Theroux's Break-Dancing on 'Ellen'

A day after Jennifer Aniston's BF, Justin Theroux, showed off his break dancing skills on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actress sat down with Ellen and applauded after seeing his moves on the big screen.

Theroux, who never break-dances without a particular pair of shoes, was surprised upon learning Jen had the pair sent to Ellen's studio. Aniston said, "I felt quite guilty about that, because I [told him], 'You should probably be prepared, because Ellen tends to surprise you with things.'"

Jen and Justin's Whirlwind Romance

The actress continued, "One time she made me sing, and then one time she gave me vibrating things... and he said, 'She wouldn't do that to me. I'm a first-time guest.'" She told Ellen, "And then there I go, helping you with your trickery."

Aniston also teamed up with DeGeneres to play a practical joke on a bike delivery guy named Skip. Check out the funny clip!

Catch Jen on Thursday's episode of "Ellen." Click here for local listings.