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Videos! Aniston Talks Nudity on 'Wanderlust,' Theroux Break Dances

Jen Aniston appeared on BFF Chelsea Handler's show "Chelsea Lately" on Tuesday to talk about the amount of nudity in "Wanderlust," which co-stars her current flame, Justin Theroux.

Jen commented, "There's a lot of nudity... a lot of slow-motion, action nudity." While Aniston admitted she bares a lot of skin in the movie, she said actor Joe Lo Truglio took on most of the naked scenes.

Aniston also told Handler, "It was such a great time, we were in one of the most beautiful places, Clarksville, Georgia, which is in the middle of nowhere and all we had was each other. It was sort of our little commune."

Meanwhile, Jen's BF chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about break-dancing and explained that Aniston has been obsessed with it since watching "Zoolander." Theroux told Ellen that he only break-dances in a particular pair of shoes, and much to his surprise, the talk show host said his lovely girlfriend had them sent to the studio. Watch his impressive skills!

See Justin's full interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," airing Wednesday, Feb. 22. Click here for local listings.