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Dr. Drew on Elizabeth Smart's Marriage: 'It Is Part of Healing'

"Lifechangers" host Dr. Drew Pinsky talked to "Extra" on Tuesday about some of today's biggest headlines, including Elizabeth Smart's recent wedding in Hawaii. Smart, 24, who was kidnapped a decade ago, said "I do" to Matthew Gilmour, 22, after just one year together.

Dr. Drew spoke of the traumatic kidnapping, saying, "It is something people can recover from and have healthy relationships. Part of that healing is having healthy intimacies."

The doc also weighed in on Rihanna and Chris Brown allegedly reuniting, partying together, tweeting and even appearing on remixes of each other's songs. Dr. Drew explained, "If she doesn't make some statement about her understanding of domestic violence... if neither Chris nor Rihanna have done any work on this... this is going to end up bad."

Dr. Drew also addressed Kobe Bryant's recent promise to quit cheating on wife Vanessa. Pinksy said, "When people have a long history of certain kinds of behaviors, they typically just don't stop. Not without either some sort of life-changing experience -- usually a near-death experience or some kind of treatment. So if either has not happened, I would not expect much change in behavior."

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