The Extra List: Facts About Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm... but just who is he, and where did he come from? Here are some must-know facts about the 23-year-old sensation!

The Extra List: 10 Facts About Jeremy Lin

10 Facts About Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Who?

Jeremy Lin was born in Los Angeles on August 23, 1988 to Taiwanese parents who immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-1970s.Lin, who is 6'3, grew up with Christian values in Palo Alto, California.

He's Smart

Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard University in 2010. Lin did not receive any athletic scholarship offers, and was undrafted after he graduated.

Go Warriors!

Lin signed a two-year deal with The Golden State Warriors in 2010, becoming the first American of Chinese/Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA.He was disappointed to learn he was placed on the inactive list for the Warriors, and received little playing time.

Rocketing to the Knicks

In Dec. 2011, Lin signed on with the Houston Rockets, in which he played seven-minutes in two pre-season games. Before the start of the season, the Rockets waived Lin from the team.The NY Knicks then picked up the 23-year-old to serve as a backup for Toney Douglass and Mike Bibby.Finally, Lin was given the chance to play on Feb. 4, scoring an incredible 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists -- all career highs in a 99 - 92 Knicks victory over the NJ Jets.Lin became an overnight success. The Associated Press called Lin "the most surprising story in the NBA."


After Jeremy's instant rise to NBA stardom, The Knicks scrambled to start selling replicas of Lin's No. 17 jersey and t-shirts, and the sales and traffic for their online store increased more than 3,000%.

'Linsane in the Membrane'

A re-make of Cypress Hill's song "Insane in the Membrane" was changed to "Linsane in the Membrane," focusing on the NBA phenom. Check it out!


Here are some of the best Jeremy Lin-sims:- Linsanity- Lincredible- Linja- Linning!


During a game at NYC's Madison Square Garden, MSG Network showed viewers an image of a broken fortune cookie with Lin's head, and the quote, "The Knicks Good Fortune."Many found the photo to be offensive and racist.

NBA's New 'It' Player

Jeremy has hit the big time, and as a result, paparazzi are now following his every move.Even his 85-year-old grandmother, who still resides in Taiwan, was hounded by the media after watching her grandson's game at a local restaurant.

Moving on Up

Jeremy Lin has reportedly sublet a $3,800-a-month two-bedroom at Trump Tower in White Plains, NY.The Knicks point-guard, who once slept on his brother's couch in the Bronx, now enjoys a building which gives him access to indoor and outdoor basketball courts, swimming pools, and is just a 10-minute drive away from the Knicks practice facility.