'Extra' Raw: 'The Vow' Star Scott Speedman

Actor Scott Speedman joined "Extra's" Renee Bargh at The Grove to talk about his new film, "The Vow," his Valentine's Day plans, and a possible "Felicity" reunion!

Speedman stars with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in the romantic comedy flick, "The Vow," in which the three leads are caught in a love triangle.

"Anytime you get to work with Rachel McAdams it's kind of good. She's just a very real girl from Canada, which is where I'm from, so that's nice," he explained.

As for his own romantic life, the actor is dating Australian actress Teresa Palmer. He says he's made Valentine's Day plans for his love, "but it's a surprise, so I can't really reveal it here."

Watch the video to see what Speedman thinks about a "Felicity" movie reunion!

Be sure to see "The Vow" when it hits theaters on February 10.