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Zac Efron Answers Demi Moore Romance Rumors

"Extra" correspondent Renee Bargh met with heartthrob Zac Efron, who addressed recent headlines claiming Demi Moore was pursuing him romantically. "I don't know, me and Rumer have been friends for a long time. I know Demi is going through some personal stuff right now. I just wish her well. I hope she's doing okay."

Efron, 24, is co-starring in a new animated film "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" with Taylor Swift.

Efron's character, Ted, desperately wants to impress Audrey, played by Swift, and Zac admits it's not the first time he's gone out of his way for a girl. "I was a musical theatre geek, so whenever we wanted to impress girls, we'd do a three-man jazz quartet. Yeah, we did some pretty fun stuff."

The singer/actor joked about his plans for Valentine's Day, saying, "I might just sit at home... and cry." When Bargh told him Taylor said the same thing, he replied, "She's alone too? We'll team up then!"

He quickly added, "Wait a sec, uh, no, we're really good friends. She's trying to teach me how to play the guitar."

So as Dr. Seuss would say, put your feet in your shoes, in the direction you choose... to watch "The Lorax" -- opening in theaters March 2.