The Extra List: How Much It Costs to Be a Celebrity

If you are a celebrity, it can cost between $70K-$130K for a good nanny, $500K for expert security and nearly $900K to stay young looking.

New York magazine recently broke down some of the expenses incurred - and gained - if you are a Hollywood A-lister. Here are a few examples. Read more at!

The Extra List: The Cost of Being a Celebrity


--$70K-$130K for a top-notch, secret-keeping nanny. English accents and graduate degrees help.--$95K for a tutor in Latin, Greek, sailing, and philosophy--$600K is the price of a solid-gold rocking horse for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's new daughter, Blue Ivy.--$100K is the annual cost of a 6-year-old's stylist.

Keeping Prying Eyes Out

--$500K: Armed security guard on duty 24 hours--$30K: Security-camera setup for 30 cameras--$25K: At-home nerve center for cameras--$10K: GPS device hardwired into cars--$5K: Shatterproof coating on windows--$820: Setting up LLC to keep purchases secret

The Price of Looking Young

A four-decade total cost could run a celebrity up to $900K. Here are some of the costs per decade...Age 25--Acne microdermabrasion: $1,500--Laser removal of facial hair: $1,500--Breast augmentation (non-annual): $10,000Age 35--Large-pore dermabrasion: $3,000--Liposuction (non-annual): $6,000--Tummy tuck (non-annual): $12,000--Breast lift (non-annual): $10,000--Cellulite removal: $2,000Age 45--Microdermabrasion facials: $3,000--Laser skin resurfacing for eyes (non-annual): $3,500--Fractional resurfacing for sagging skin (non-annual): $8,500--Redo breast implants from 20s (non-annual): $10,000Age 55--Fractional lasering for skin discoloration (non-annual): $5,000--Laser resurfacing for loss of elasticity (non-annual): $8,500--Ultrasound cellulite therapy: $2,000--Face and neck lift (non-annual): $30,000--Eyelid lift: $7,500

To Be Brangelina...

Being Hollywood stars can have its perks, too - take Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for example.--Brangelina Portfolio: $270,000,000--Endorsements: Louis Vuitton, Heineken Japan, Tag Heuer, St. Johns, Shiseido skin care, Roots Coffee, Softbank cell phones, and others.--New Roles: "Moneyball," "Tree of Life," directing "In the Land of Blood and Honey"--Residuals: "Troy," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," "Salt" and others--Baby Photos: Reportedly $14 million for photos of the twins, $4.1 million for photos of Shiloh, $2 million for post-adoption pictures of Pax.Granted, these two humanitarians give a lot of the that money back.

And What Some Other Celebs Make for Appearances

$100,000+Who gets it: Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé.Who pays it: Las Vegas nightclubs (Tao, Lavo)$25,000+Who gets it: Ashley Greene, Lea Michele, Camilla Belle, Zoe Saldana, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively.Who pays it: Nightclubs in New York and Miami; fashion houses during Fashion Week$10,000+Who gets it: Upper-echelon "Real Housewives," "Jersey Shore" starsWho pays it: Corporations hosting events, resorts, nightclubs in the middle of the country