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Video! Dr. Drew and Erin Brockovich Discuss Mysterious Illness

Host Dr. Drew Pinsky interviewed environmental activist Erin Brockovich Friday on the HLN show "Dr. Drew," talking about a mysterious illness affecting 15 high school students in Le Roy, NY.

The illness causes Tourette-like outbursts, and Brockovich conducted her own investigation, telling Dr. Drew, "I think the first thing that hit me in my gut was, 'well, you haven't necessarily ruled anything and everything in or out.' It just seemed to be a very quick diagnosis."

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Brockovich explained how one of the affected family members received a note in their mailbox about a 1971 train derailment in the area, which caused one ton of cyanide to spill and 45,000 gallons of Trichloroethylene (TCE).

"I have read and been involved in cases that we have that," Brockovich said. "TCE can be associated with neurological disorders. The contaminated rock, fill and soil was used to build the new school," she added. "We are still trying to corroborate that [story]."

Brockovich noted that the actual location of the site of derailment was four miles from the school.

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