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Video! William Shatner's Priceline 'Negotiator' Dies

After 14 years as "The Negotiator" for online travel site Priceline, William Shatner appears in a new ad which features the pitchman and some innocent travelers inside a bus, about to topple over a cliff. Shatner ends up falling off the cliff and dies... but not before saving everyone first.

Shatner's final words? "Save yourselves... some money."

The commercial is set to debut Monday, and Priceline insists that, while Shatner's character may be dead, the actor remains under contract to the company.

As for the dramatic ad, Priceline CEO Christoper Soder told the Associated Press, "We decided to do something really over the top to get the message across."

Shatner, 80, jokingly said, "I'm in grief mode."