The Extra List: 5 Things to Watch for on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" launches its Season 11 in Las Vegas Wednesday on FOX - and "Extra" is looking forward to these five things!

The Extra List: 5 Things to Watch for on 'American Idol'

Steven Tyler's Behavior

Last year on "Idol," the Aerosmith rocker proved he was an invaluable new member to the panel, with off-the-cuff remarks and colorful adjectives describing his favorite contestants.

Jennifer Lopez's Fashion

J.Lo added style and grace to "American Idol" last year with her ever-changing wardrobe, so we can't wait to see what she'll be wearing this year!

Ryan Seacrest's Commentary

The host with the most, Ryan Seacrest always provides the right amount banter with the contestants -- and the judges. Although his contract with the show expires at the end of the year, he has said he would like to stay on as the show's host past 2012. He'd better!

The Bad Contestants

It is kind of mean-spirited sometimes, but there are never enough of the really awful singers who try out for "American Idol." Check out this guy from last year.

Who Will Be the Finalists?

That's the best part of "American Idol," isn't it? Even from the first auditions, you start to pick out who you think is going to make it all the way. Remember last year's winner, Scott McCreery, when he auditioned in Milwaukee?