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Angelina Jolie on Meeting Obama and 'Salt 2'

Before the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Angelina Jolie chatted with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli at the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Panel Discussion in Hollywood. Jolie, 36, was nominated in the Best Foreign Film category for her love story, "In the Land of Blood and Honey."

The first-time director talked about meeting President Obama with Brad, saying, "We met on different issues. He went mainly to speak with Biden about New Orleans, and I went with the lead actress [of "Blood and Honey"] to speak about Sarajevo and our concerns with things going on."

Jolie continued the meeting with Mr. Obama, "was wonderful."

When asked if she planned on making sequel to "Salt," with CIA Director David Petraeus, the mom of six replied, "No, [but] he and I met in the field, actually, years ago. He's always been very forthcoming with me about information and teaching me about what's really happening. He doesn't belittle me, he talks to me, and he helps me then do better work."

Angelina's International Life in Pictures

Speaking of her work in "Blood and Honey," a fired-up Jolie beamed, "The cast members are here from all different parts of Yugoslavia, and they are so excited, and so, I feel like the country's here with me. It means a lot."

Jolie talked about revealing her emotional moment on a recent webcast, while she worked on the film, saying, "I had a breakdown. Me collapsing is crying. You just sit under the hot shower and you cry and you cry, and you just don't know what you can do."

Angie gushed at how honored she was at her nomination, saying, "You make your first film and you just hope you don't completely fail at everything you intended to do, and I was so nervous about the politics, being received well, and then this, was just something none of us expected."

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