Brad on Angelina's Stunning Golden Globes Look

Nominees Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stopped to talk with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli on the 2012 Golden Globes red carpet -- and Pitt gave his reaction to seeing Jolie in her Globes dress.

"I actually bumped into a chair with my bad knee," laughed Brad. "It's a true story!"

Did the Hollywood power couple feel this past year was a career topper for the both of them? Pitt said, "I think six kids is a career," to which Jolie added, "Our life revolves around that, but it's so wonderful to share the night together."

Angelina explained the kids, however, don't necessarily appreciate the awards season. "[They ask] 'Why do you have to go to work again? Why can't you stay home?' So yeah, they're mad."

And when will Jolie be directing Pitt? Angelina just laughed, but Brad stated, "2013... that's a prediction."