'Extra' Raw! The Zombies at The Grove

"Extra" music correspondent Adam Weissler sat down with rock duo Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, also known as psychedelic pop band, The Zombies.

Rod recalled the last decade after the band broke up in the late '90s, saying, "We were always involved in music, producing other people, writing scores for television in the UK, but we got back together again in 2000... picked up the strands and it was so easy, and so enjoyable. Six gigs we planned -- turned into ten years of touring the world."

Colin added, "In the first concert we thought, 'You know, this is really fun."

The musicians explained that their fans expressed an interest in hearing them play some of their original songs from the 1960s. Blunstone pointed out, "It's been interesting because we've had to relearn how to play our own songs. They are good songs... they're timeless songs."

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