Katy Perry Meows at The Grove: 'Women Are Like Cats'

Pop sensation Katy Perry's second fragrance line, Meow, hits Nordstrom's exclusively, and the singer revealed to "Extra's" Mario Lopez where her love of cats originated. "It stems from cat hate, actually. I didn't really understand cats until my first cat, Kitty Purry, walked into my life and wouldn't leave."


The spunky songstress continued, "I started to realize I think women are like cats. They want to be loved on their own time; they want people to earn their affection. And they won't meet you at the door unless you're really nice."

Perry, who recently celebrated a one-year anniversary with husband Russell Brand, gushed, "We just stayed home because a lot of our life exists out in the open. So we just wanted to have that moment to ourselves."


She added, "We ride bikes a lot... we're pretty normal... is that okay?"

Katy's faithful fans enthusiastically lined up at The Grove to see the curvaceous beauty -- who made a grand entrance on the trolley, and laughed, "It was pretty intense... I like to do big entrances!"