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Stephen Baldwin on Brother Alec and American Airlines: 'Just a Silly Misunderstanding'

"Extra" caught up with actor and radio host Stephen Baldwin at the New York premiere of "Albert Nobbs," where he talked about his brother Alec Baldwin's recent run-in with American Airlines.

Stephen said he saw Alec's "SNL" skit and thought "it was hilarious." He continued, "I think on both sides of the equation... and it was just a silly misunderstanding. I've gotten frustrated with certain realities within the airlines and things like that, just like anybody. I just think again it was one of those wrong place, wrong time deals. It's over; let's move on. Alec's doing great, he's having fun... '30 Rock' is rockin!"

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As for Stephen's radio show, "The Baldwin-McCullough Show," it's in its third year and continuing to grow. Stephen explained it's going "very well. Way better than anticipated. We're about to see that show actually quantum leap in the next three months. We have an offer to take it to television, so we're excited about that."

Baldwin said he is also directing his first feature film, slated for early next year. "There's an indie film that's coming together called 'Starting Over.' My brother William is attached, at this time. Got to clarify that, 'cause I don't want his agents kicking my butt! So if it all comes together, and it's looking like it will, I will direct my first feature film. I'm excited."