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Rosie O'Donnell Fires Back at Letterman

After "The Late Show" host David Letterman made fun of Rosie O'Donnell's whirlwind engagement to fiancée Michelle Rounds, a sharp-tongued Rosie fired back, asking, "Why is that Dave? Why? I don't remember making fun of you when you had sex with all your interns! I didn't make fun of your rampant, throbbing heterosexuality, did I, Dave?"


O'Donnell was responding to Letterman's monologue on Tuesday's edition of his show, when he joked, "The woman [Rosie] is marrying, her fiancée, was driving... and her car broke down. And guess what happened? Rosie pulls up right behind her in a tow truck."

Rosie took to her show on OWN and said she didn't appreciate Dave's cheap shot, and in true "Letterman" form, gave her top 5 list of reasons why she would never appear on "The Late Show."

Among them: "Dave, when you had heart surgery, you shouldn't have told the doctors to take out the whole thing," and "Not only do you appear to be anti-gay, you're anti-tow truck driver!"

O'Donnell also took jabs at Donald Trump, saying, "He's like Lord Voldemort," adding, "He's like a hot bag of wind."

"Extra" caught up with The Donald, who defended himself, saying, "Rosie is a loser."

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