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Kris Humphries Post-'GMA' -- Source Says He's Glad 'Bounty Hunt' is Over

In his first television interview since his split with Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries appeared on "Good Morning America" with his mother on Friday, and later told friends he felt overwhelmed by the interview -- claiming he was under the impression the meeting would not focus on the divorce.

Kim's ex only agreed to be on "GMA" to promote his charity work and his mother's cooking segment on the show, and according to TMZ, he was "livid" about the way the interview was conducted. However, a source close to Humphries revealed to "Extra," "Kris is not livid, he felt a bit overwhelmed, but handled it with class and elegance despite the barrage of questions. He is happy that the Bounty Hunt for the first interview has come and gone so he can move ahead and concentrate on what's important to him -- family, basketball, etc."

A rep for ABC said there was no pre-show deal made, and "there were no ground rules."

During the awkward sit-down, ABC's Josh Elliott grilled Humphries on his divorce from Kim, in which the 26-year-old responded, "Certain things happen in life and you gotta move forward. So I'm excited to be where I'm at right now and the NBA season coming up."

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While Humphries tried to focus on his charity work, basketball career and spending time with his family, Elliott pressed on about the separation and annulment. Kris, who looked uncomfortable, replied, "Well, I'm not focused on... right now I'm focused on basketball, and other things will take care of themselves."

Humphries also dodged Elliott's "Do you still love her?" question, saying, "I'm focused on what I can control... being ready to play ball, and supporting my mom and her cookie bake today."