Exclusive: Angelina Jolie Reveals 'Spending Days Working on Gift Bags for Kids'

The last time Angelina Jolie met with "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli, she admitted she was a "closet geek." This time, the star revealed, "I spend hours and hours to get the perfect Christmas stocking or gift bag ready."

The family woman continued, "I am obsessive... Brad will tell you I lose my mind for the kids' birthday parties. I will spend days working on gift bags! That's an oddity about me."

Jolie invited Penacoli exclusively to join her for a special New York City screening of her new film, "In the Land of Blood and Honey," hosted by Marie Claire magazine.

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Angelina noted, "This magazine does often focus on women's issues, so for us and the film, it was a very good match," adding that "It was great" to debut her dramatic love story to a New York audience.

The film was well received, and for a first-time writer/director, Jolie beamed, "It means everything to me."