Larry King Talks 'Dinner with the Kings,' Ready for More

When Larry King asks you over to his house for dinner, you go! The veteran newsman put together a CNN TV special called "Dinner with the Kings," in which he hosted dinner for seven of his friends -- and talked all about it to "Extra" host Mario Lopez at The Grove.

Those who broke bread with King included Tyra Banks, Quincy Jones, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, Shaquille O'Neal, Seth MacFarlane, Conan O'Brien, and actor Russell Brand, who was up to his usual antics, raiding King's wife Shawn Southwick's underwear drawer.

"In the middle of show, Russell Brand goes up to our bedroom and steals my wife's underwear," King laughed to Lopez.

Tyra Banks explained to "Extra's" AJ Calloway what happened when Brand brought out the panties. "He comes back with her drawers at the dinner table and starts passing them around. All she's mad at is that he didn't pull a G-string. He pulled a big panty. I'm like, 'That's why you're mad?'"

King told Lopez he was so excited about doing the TV special, he wants to do it again -- and invite Mario! "You'll be the youngest guy there," said King.

Lopez said he'd be honored and asked who else might be at the table. King responded, "Johnny Depp said he would come. How about Jane Fonda?" Mario suggested maybe Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z -- and Regis Philbin, of course. King liked all those ideas. "He'd be a great one" and thanked Lopez for his help. "We'll put this thing together."

Check out "Dinner with the Kings," Sunday on CNN!