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Nancy Grace Weighs In on Conrad Murray Sentence

HLN host Nancy Grace talked with "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli and gave her two cents on the recent four-year jail sentence handed to Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, after he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

"The judge in the Michael Jackson death trial brings down the hammer!" Grace exclaimed, but added she thinks Murray shouldn't be in an L.A. county jail. "You're with anybody from shoplifters to a burglar to someone who went joyriding, whereas if you're in the pen, you're in with rapists, child molesters and killers. He should be absolutely in the state penitentiary. He's going to get light treatment and a sentence reduction. You might as well tie it up in a red bow and serve it to him on a silver platter!"

Grace also understands why Murray hasn't said he was sorry to the Jackson family. "I can tell you why he's not apologizing because his lawyers have told him that they are going to take this case up on appeal. An appellate court may view that as some sort of admission."

Will the family ever see the $100 million restitution? Grace's verdict is no. "They're never going to get that much money out of Conrad Murray."

As for losing 26 pounds while competing on "Dancing with the Stars," is the former prosecutor still dancing? Grace laughed, "No, I have not been dancing. I actually got on the elliptical today. It was one of those ruthless, horrible exercises. I about fell off!"