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Video! Howard Stern Says He Would Make a Good, 'No Nonsense Judge' on 'AGT'

Radio personality Howard Stern recently addressed his possible gig as Piers Morgan's replacement on "America's Got Talent," saying, "I take show business very seriously, if I was a judge on there, there'd be no nonsense whatsoever. I would be there for the talent. I would be there to actually find somebody good! If I had been on there last year, the guy who won, whose name I can't even remember, he would never have won!"

Stern added that he believes he's a good candidate for the competition series. "When it comes to talent and running a business, I've been doing it for thirty-five years now, I'm probably the most successful radio guy, you know, I mean, entertainment... I'm a phenomenon. I mean, what am I gonna say? I'm a phenom."

Stern said he would not comment further on his negotiations with "AGT," because, "It's a great show, I would be honored, but there's nothing here to report."