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Sofia Vergara on Her Boobs, Plastic Surgery, and Hating Exercise

"Modern Family" beauty Sofia Vergara is the December cover of Health Magazine, talking about everything from plastic surgery to her love/hate relationship with her gym.


Regarding her voluptuous figure, Vergara admitted, "One time, years ago, I remember my publicist [at the time] told me, 'I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody's going to take you seriously here.' My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like, 'God is going to punish you! You can't cut your boobs!' I don't regret not doing it, because now it's become a big part of Gloria."

Vergara also believes in plastic surgery, but warns it should be used to look prettier, not younger. "I don't really think that plastic surgery can make you look young. It can make you look prettier, but if you go with the mentality of being young, I think that's where accidents can happen."

As for working out, the actress complained, "It's paaaaainful! Ohhh, the whooooole time! I cry, I get on the floor, I'm like, 'I'm gonna throw up, enough!' I mean, [my trainer] doesn't care." Read the full interview at Health.com.