Videos! CMT's 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' to Air Fridays

Reality romance show "Sweet Home Alabama" heats up in the season's third episode.

The show focuses on Southern bachelor Tribble Reese, who searches for love among 22 girls -- 11 of whom are from the countryside and 11 are city girls.

Hailey Glassman finally tells Reese about her relationship with "Jon and Kate Plus 8" dad Jon Gosselin. Drama also erupts between a few of the country girls, while the city girls are given the "country treatment," mucking out stalls and cleaning horses.
Catch "Sweet Home Alabama" in its new time, airing Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT on CMT.

Ready, okay!

"Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" also returns for its third episode, and the competitors struggle to adjust their lives to the rigorous schedule, after being told there will be no tolerance for lax efforts or foolish decisions.

Choreographer Judy Trammell warn several girls about their lack of improvement and give stern lectures to a few rookie candidates after discovering their racy and inappropriate photos on their social media sites.

See who makes the team on "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders" on Friday at 10 PM ET/PT on CMT.

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