'NCIS' Stars LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell: 'We're Similar'

The sexy stars of "NCIS: Los Angeles" admitted they haven't really hung out together outside the show, and although LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell come from different backgrounds, LL said, "How we live our lives is similar. It's kind of like what we're wearing today. It's pretty similar, but it's accessorized and put together a little differently, you know?"

Speaking of fashion, LL says he avoids wearing spandex, while O'Donnell admitted, "I've done the Spandex," referring to his role as Robin in "Batman Forever."

On their show, LL said he could never pull off going undercover as a woman, explaining, "I would be the ugliest girl in the world, you don't want to see. Can you imagine?"

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The rapper added, "You don't ever want to see a size fourteen high heel! She's a big ol' girl... look at them arms! You don't want that!"

LL Cool J and O'Donnell also treated their fans to a very up close and personal Q&A.

One fan asked, "So hypothetically, if someone told you that you could no longer act, what would you be doing instead?"

O'Donnell answered, "I wish I could get into business. But that's passed me by. Maybe I'd build houses or something." When asked if he is handy around the house, the actor smiled, "I'm not!"

Another devoted fan asked LL if he remembered the first time he was recognized in public. The rapper replied, "I remember performing. I had one song out and I was signing some autographs. I looked over at my DJ and I said, 'I like this. We could do this.' It was just a good vibe, good energy."

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