Rebecca Romijn Talks Ghosts and Creepy Kids at The Grove

Just in time for Halloween, Rebecca Romijn headed to The Grove to talk about her eerie Lifetime movie, "Possessing Piper Rose."

The actress explained the plot -- about a deceased woman who wants to bring her living child to the afterlife, saying, "It's basically me fighting the dead ghost mother of this girl I adopted."

Romijn continued, "I feel like movies are so much scarier when they have a creepy little kid in them, as opposed to chop, chop, blood-and-guts gore."

Rebecca discussed the possibility of spirits in her own home, saying, "I live in a former brothel. If there are any ghosts in my house, they're dead hooker ghosts."

Getting into the Halloween spirit, the mother of twins revealed, "I love doing really scary Halloween, but with two-year-olds, you have to do cute Halloween."

"Possessing Piper Rose" premieres Saturday on Lifetime.