'Flying Wild Alaska' Star Ariel Tweto Swoops into The Grove

Reality star Ariel Tweto joined "Extra" at The Grove to discuss the new season of her hit Discovery Channel show, "Flying Wild Alaska."

Back for its second season, "Flying Wild Alaska" chronicles Tweto and her family -- which operates Era Alaska, Alaska's largest regional airline. The show's energetic star, who got her start on the reality competition show "Wipeout," said she's now flying planes. "Yeah, I am! I need like a big horn or something... be like, 'Attention everybody, Ariel is in the air.'"

Tweto, 23, talked about her quaint town of Unalakleet, saying, "In my village there's about 650 [people]... everyone's pretty much related."

When asked how she handles her dating life, given that many of the residents are related, Ariel replied, "I'm not gonna go, like, date my cousin. That'd be weird."

Catch the new season of "Flying Wild Alaska," starting Friday, Oct. 28 on Discovery.