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Catherine Zeta-Jones Says Tom Cruise Rocks in 'Ages'

"Extra" correspondent Terri Seymour caught up with Hollywood supercouple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas at the Motion Picture & TV Fund's 6th Annual "A Fine Romance" event, and talked about birthdays, anniversaries... and "Rock of Ages."

Zeta-Jones, who stars as a conservative, Michelle Bachmann-type villain in the film, gushed in her praise of co-star Tom Cruise. "You have no idea how good he is going to be in this movie!"

Douglas added, "Catherine's version of Michelle Bachman should be pretty good, too." She laughed, "Yeah I'm so right wing in that movie!"

The handsome couple also talked about sharing the same birthday; September 25. "We actually gave ourselves the gift of travel," said Douglas. "We had a nice birthday out of the country in Switzerland."

And for their upcoming 11th wedding anniversary November 18, the two dished on what they might be giving each other. Zeta-Jones said, "I'll buy him some golf clubs, because God knows he needs another set."

Make sure to watch for Cruise and Zeta-Jones in "Rock of Ages," due in theaters June, 2012.