An Unpretentious Prince Harry Parties Cali Style

After finishing his first week of military training, Prince Harry spent Saturday night at a bar in Solana Beach, Calif. The Belly Up Tavern, located 20 minutes north of San Diego, featured a live music show by local band, Vokab Kompany.


The royal hunk, 27, showed up around 9 PM to the sold-out show, along with 10 people in his entourage. A spokesperson for the club told People, "He is unbelievably sweet, and was very courteous and friendly to the staff. He was dancing and laughing and going from person to person. You could tell he was a big music fan."

The lead vocalist for the band, Matt Burke, was ecstatic when he heard Prince Harry was watching from the VIP area. "He was a real dude. He wasn't putting on airs and acting like a prince," Burke said.